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We help entrepreneurs hire proven coaches, course creators and mentors
by verifying their knowledge, skills and experience.
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The biggest challenge entrepreneurs encounter when investing in coaching is trust and being confident in their success chances.

Based on 807 surveys, interviews with 43 entrepreneurs, and 27 polls, this has been the top consistent reason.

Many entrepreneurs have been burned by their coach or mentor or heard of those who have invested thousands with a little return. They are increasingly sceptical about the industry's low barrier to entry and rapid growth.

Many coaches focus on getting featured in publications or attaining more followers in order to boost their credibility.

However, with so many coaches doing this, there is a better way to demonstrate your credibility.

This is how Credible Coach can help.  
With our insights, reports, charts, videos and social content, we provide coaches, course creators, and mentors that work specifically with entrepreneurs with solid evidence to further validate their knowledge, skills, and experience. 

By acting as an independent auditor, we help to communicate the most important information and make your value crystal clear.

Research & Insights Assets

By analysing your insights, your client's feedback, and our own research, we can provide valuable insights about your service. These assets can be used to educate and promote trust with potential clients as well as demonstrate the value of your coaching services.

Verified Anonymous Client Insights

Make it easier for your clients to feel at ease by offering the option of anonymity. After this service was introduced, 68% more clients left detailed references and insights into their business challenges and progress made. 

Verified by Credible Coach badge

For additional authenticity, we provide a Verified by Credible Coach badge which can be used in all marketing. When clicked, users can see your verification details, including our insights. 
"To be highlighted by an independent site that has verified who you are and authenticated the claims made by your clients creates an additional level of authority and trust – something that is very lacking in today's society"
Andrew Miller
Founder of Business Enjoyment 

Benefits of Credible Coach

Build trust and credibility more quickly with prospects.  
Custom 'Verified by Credible Coach' badge to use in your marketing   
Differentiate yourself based on what matters most
Be recognised for the work you do and the success of your clients

Powerful and verified insights, charts and reports.
We do all of the work for you.

Make the decision making process easier

Our reports include a comprehensive overview of your coaching service, client feedback, charts to show growth in the areas of focus, interviews, your coaching style, your experience, talks, published books, online recommendations, and a whole lot more.

Clearly convey the value of your services

Potential clients may not fully comprehend the value of your services until after they have experienced it. We help them see this earlier by showing them the progress of your previous clients instead of just focusing on the end result. We meet them where they are and show them what's possible.
 To get started, we'll need some information from you so that we can arrange a call.

On the focused call, we will discuss whether we're a good fit and the options available depending on your service and current strategy.  
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"The work of Credible Coach is no less than excellence! I applaud the due diligence conducted by Credible Coach in ascertaining and verifying standards in quality assurance."
Nicole Fowles
Business Coach
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