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Coaching is one of the most valuable tools in the world. 

It's no surprise that the industry is currently the second fastest-growing profession in the world, but it remains largely unregulated.

If you're looking for a coach to help you propel your business or career, you need to know about the coach's skills, experience and verified past client feedback. As more coaches operate online, fabricating their experience, training, and results has become easier and more widespread. Due to the lack of intermediaries, it is difficult to verify this information and protect against misrepresentation.

It is only Credible Coach that proactively verifies this information to ensure high standards in coaching, a commitment to integrity in their marketing and sales strategies, and transparency on their client outcomes. 

Our coach vetting process

In-depth interview with the coach 
Interview past clients/ sponsors 
Coach credentials are
An online audit is 
"I can’t thank Credible Coach enough for the introduction. I had my first session a couple of weeks ago, he is brilliant."
Mima Rybanska
Co-founder of 

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"Credible Coach helped me to understand what to expect from a coach and what kind of questions to ask to find the right fit. The coaching I had through Credible Coach was absolutely fantastic and I can't recommend it enough!"
Charlotte Turner
Procurement Manager at Huel

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why is Credible Coach different?

Before Credible Coach was founded, our founders interviewed over 100 business owners and professionals who've hired a coach. 

This revealed that there was a real issue in the industry: Coaches without experience, supervision or training charging premium prices, unethical coaching and marketing practices, fabricated testimonials including video testimonials, and even the theft of IP and scams.

We don't just list coaches and state what they want on their profiles; each Credible Coach report is based on our research and results from client interviews we've conducted. You can also be sure that the coach is being held to account if they are on our platform. 

Why are coach transparency reports important?

Many coaching companies assume you already know all the industry jargon and what to look for- we work differently.

Each report will clearly lay out what to expect, who it is and isn't for, and the benefits and disadvantages of working with that coach. You can also read past client interviews and watch their video feedback. We compiled it based on their past experience, training, and feedback from past clients that we interviewed.

Who is this for?

Everyone can benefit from coaching at any stage of their lives, and our coaches work with a variety of professions. The service is particularly useful for business owners and professionals in a leadership position.  

For business owners: boost your confidence, productivity, enhance high performance, reduce overwhelm, feelings of self-doubt, self-sabotage, co founder conflict or enhance your leadership performance.

For professionals: clarity on the next stage of your career or a career change, confidence in a new role or leadership position, self-awareness, and understanding of what mental blocks are preventing your growth.
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