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Eliminate endless research by hiring a coach with a proven track record of success.
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There are many coaches who are not qualified or experienced, and often there is no background information published to back up their claims. The barriers to entry for the coaching industry are low, however, they aren’t on Credible Coach. We prescreen every coach and most importantly- we shine a light on their past client feedback.

No Jargon

Every profile gives a clear insight into how that coach can help you and how they have helped their previous clients. We ask the questions that you want to know to discern their previous clients' challenges and most importantly their results.

Save Time and Money

Knowing who your coach is – and their reputation – is critical. There’s a lot of competition in the coaching industry – which means an overwhelming amount of choice and opportunities for fraud and misrepresentation. Hiring an inadequate coach will be wasted time and money that could have been invested into someone that could truly help transform you and your business.

Complete Transparency

On the Credible Coach platform you can read testimonials from clients of credible coaches, and then decide what fit is best for you. With the knowledge of their challenges and results, you are armed with the information to choose the coach most aligned with your goal and style. Our team personally collects insightful and verified testimonials to offer an assurance of coaching credibility. Our guarantee is that every testimonial, including the anonymous ones, are absolutely authentic.
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