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No more smoke and mirrors; just proven coaches that really care. We're all about honesty, transparency, accountability - it's what we do!

We will recommend a coach who has successfully helped other people in similar situations as you are now.  Get your instant coach recommendation today... it's free! 
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One of the biggest challenges about coaching is that anyone can provide it.

 There are many coaches with minimal training, experience or supervision, and often there's no background information published to back-up their claims. The barriers to entry for this industry are low - but not on Credible Coach. Before any coach has access to join us, we personally collect detailed client feedback. 

We want to find the perfect fit for you.

Our goal is to make sure that you and your coach are both on the same page. We work hard to validate what each coach has a proven track record of success in - so that we can recommend the best fitting coach for you.

Some of the credible coaches previous clients

Lloyds Bank
Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Your Complimentary Coach Recommendation 

Our algorithm looks at the past client feedback of a coach, their communication approach with clients and areas of expertise. We then point you in the direction of someone who has a track record of success coaching people just like you.. 

Simply complete our questionnaire to see your coach recommendation.
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Complete Transparency

On the Credible Coach platform you can read testimonials from clients of credible coaches, and then decide what fit is best for you. With the knowledge of their challenges and results, you are armed with the information to choose the coach most aligned with your goal and style. Our team personally collects insightful and verified testimonials to offer an assurance of coaching credibility. Our guarantee is that every testimonial, including the anonymous ones, are absolutely authentic.

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