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One of the biggest challenges about coaching is that anyone can provide it.

 The coaching industry is unregulated and often there's no background information published to back-up each coaches claims. At Credible Coach, we're focused on results. That's why our team personally collects each coaches client feedback so we can be confident that they have a track record of success. 

Success without fulfilment is actually a failure. You deserve to have both. 

Our coaches are there to help ambitious people achieve more than they ever thought possible and be fulfilled too. They'll work with you on removing the obstacles that stand in your way, and be by your side every step of the way. Whether you're a business owner, leader or a professional. We have a coach for you.

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Our algorithm looks at the past client feedback of a coach, their communication approach with clients and areas of expertise. We then point you in the direction of someone who has a track record of success coaching people just like you.

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When our cofounder Victoria Barker was starting her app company six years ago, she hired a coach. This coach, however, failed to deliver on his promises. Financially and mentally, it hurt. Victoria was determined to never hire such a coach again. She gathered insight from hundreds of coaches and clients and became an expert at cutting through the noise. Victoria used cutting-edge tools to detect fabricated testimonials and became acutely aware of how rife this was in the industry. Making it harder to know who to trust. Credible Coach was something Victoria wished existed back then, so now she can help others avoid the same fate and achieve true success. 
The Credible Coach team conducts a background check on each coach, checks their training certificates, and personally collects detailed client feedback. In addition to ensuring the coach has proven success, it's also important to determine what their clients recommend them for. By knowing their challenges and results, you are in a better position to select the coach most aligned to your preferences. Our goal is to ensure you're protected and provide you with the best coaching experience possible.

What clients have to say about their Credible Coach experience

"The value you get out is far greater than what you put in. This is an investment for your future and is, without a doubt, worth it."
- Alex Fenton 

"I feel so much calmer and I'm able to look into feelings, situations that would previously have caused me to stress or become upset. It really has been life-changing."
- Amanda Cornish

"Stop thinking about it --- DO IT!!! It's so important to have a coach to walk your journey with you"
- Lana Sheppard

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