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About Us

Credible Coach- The Official Coach Review Site is the main trusted review site for Business, Career, Executive, Life and Health Coaches, serving both clients and coaches. We help clients make an informed decision based on unbiased and insightful reviews. We also help coaches leverage the authentic voice of their clients across their sales and marketing channels.

The coaching industry is unregulated so anyone can call themselves a “coach” without the training and supervision that many coaches have, we’re here to inject trust back into the industry so you book a Credible Coach.

Unlike coaching directories, Credible Coach has stringent onboarding and reviewing guidelines to ensure the authenticity of the reviews and credibility of the coaches. Reviews are vetted before publication. We understand that coaching is subjective, whilst vetting reviews our team will make a judgement call to whether it is a reflection of the coaches ability or not.

Credible Coach also helps coaches unleash the power of reviews in their own channels. The coaching industry is the second-fastest-growing profession worldwide, Credible Coach helps coaches to scale their social proof, stand out from the competition, win new clients and capture client feedback.

If you’re interested in coaching or if you’re a coach, you can register to be notified when we go live on our Sign Up page.

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