We understand your challenges when thinking about hiring a coach, because we've been there ourselves.

Founded by entrepreneurs who have experienced both the best and the 
worst of coaching. 
Oxford Startup Winner
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You don't know where to start

We know what it's like to not know what intervention you need, how it might help, or who to turn to. There are a lot of coaches online, and you know it would be beneficial to you, but it's a big step to take. Will it be worth it? How do i conduct my due diligence? We always talk with you first to ensure you have all the information you require for an informed decision.. 

You need more clarity and transparency

We are the only platform that offers a comprehensive research and insights report about each coach. We remove the coaching jargon and simplify the most important concepts. Additionally, we interview past clients and provide insight into their journeys and feedback about their coaching experience.

Credible Coach was born out of a need

During the launch of her app company six years ago, our co-founder Victoria hired an unscrupulous business coach. Since then, she has spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have either had terrible experiences or had incredible ones. We're here to remove the risk. Credible Coach was born out of Victoria's own need to make a more informed decision and to know who could be trusted and was credible.  

The Team

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Victoria Barker

Victoria worked for brands such as Bentley, Chelsea Football Club, and Hilton before starting Credible Coach. Both personally and in a corporate setting, she has hired coaches for herself and for her team members. 

Victoria truly became passionate about how we can change our lives by changing the quality of our thinking since she obtained her NLP certification. 

However, she realised how uncertain and risky the coaching landscape was after hiring an unscrupulous coach for her first business six years ago.

Victoria made it her mission to prevent that from happening to others by making it much easier to know whether a coach is credible and proven. 
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Terry O'Connor

Terry has worked closely with founders to grow their online businesses for the last 14 years. 

His experience as a business owner and working with business owners made him acutely aware of the challenges that many of us face, both strategically and psychologically.

He decided to do something about and hire an online business coach, after spending £15,000, and receiving a subpar experience, he vowed to never hire a coach again. Terry jumped at the chance to join Credible Coach to use research data and insights to prevent others from having the same underwhelming experience. 

After seeing the positive impact Credible Coach has made on founders, Terry feels that his bad experience was for a reason. 

Sian Penwarden

Sian has worked with executives in SME's alongside startup founders to place the best talent in their companies. Her work with leadership coaches and executive coaches has enhanced the founding team's leadership capabilities. She understands how influential coaching can be for business owners to get the most out of themselves and their team.

Now, she looks after our operations with a holistic approach, making sure each coach and client have the best possible experience with us. 

Working closely with coaches in a leadership capacity, she has seen first-hand how inner reflection enhances our leadership potential. She's passionate about helping founders to get the right support to reach their full potential. 
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