About Us

Here is some history about Credible Coach and our journey

How credible coach came to Fruition.

Credible Coach was co-founded by Victoria Barker and Terry O'Connor to help stretched business owners and leaders figure out who to trust when selecting coaching services.

The catalysis for Credible Coach stemmed from hiring a business coach who under delivered. It later came to light that they had fabricated social proof and that their training and experience wasn't as comprehensive as they had stated- resulting in a subpar coaching experience at a high price. Later when trying to leave a negative testimonial on their reviews page, we found this was pushed down to the next page by 5* reviews within 2 days. After trying to leave a negative testimonial again, the same thing happened.
This shone a light on how easy it is to fabricate social proof and to quieten the voices of unhappy clients.

We wanted to craft a way to remove the guesswork, the effort, the stress and to create complete transparency. We screened more than a 1,000 coaches websites and third party review platforms to see how rife this practice is and developed a system with the use of linguistic and AI tools to spot fabricated testimonials. We not only know how to do this, but also the types of coaches that do this- so we can protect the public from them.
We’re here to provide a trusted platform where clients can find a credible coach and have their voices heard. We also promote credible coaches so they can differentiate themselves from unscrupulous coaches and verify their social proof.
Credible Coach dedicates itself to the core values of coaching, which are based on universal and absolute moral truth, personal accountability, respect for all, and the value of relationships.

Credible Coach limits the coaches who can offer coaching services through our platform. A coach must have a proven track record that we’ll verify and assess against a set criteria before they join the platform. Our vision is to provide the world with a reliable source of coaching services that enhances lives and allows people to grow into their best possible self.

Who We Are

VB Profile Picture

Victoria Barker

Victoria has hired coaches both personally and for the organisations she has worked for. She is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a huge advocate for the transformative work that a credible coach can do. 
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Terry O'Connor

Having spent years working with coaches of all kinds in a professional and personal capacity. Terry, like many, has also had positive and negative experiences with coaches. He then devised a system to prescreen every coach to ensure they were credible. 
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