Andrew Miller 

Founder of Business Enjoyment
Working with business owners to make business enjoyment a key measure of success
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What do we check?

Track record of success helping clients make powerful progress
Ethical practices in sales and marketing
Experience, qualifications,  and training
Committed to their own continued professional development 

Important Information:

Coaching is a dynamic process of change that is unique to the individual. The progress we show from former clients is an indication of the results you can achieve with coaching, however, coaching is not a "done for you" service. Therefore, your progress may look different from others, however, it will be entirely appropriate given your individual needs and goals. Our mission is to present our research and insights into both personal and professional coaches so you can make an informed decision. Each coach that has a hosted Credible Coach webpage has agreed to be continuously held accountable by instilling a continuous feedback loop. Credibility is established by examining a coach's past client success, their experience, training, and the ethics of their sales and marketing techniques. Because the coaching industry is largely unregulated, anyone can make unsubstantiated claims without any accountability. We create a barrier to entry and make the process easier and more transparent for anyone interested in hiring a coach.   

What Is Coaching?
The purpose of a coach is to help you close the gap between where you are and where you would like to be. Coaching is unlocking your potential to maximise your own performance. It is more often helping you to learn rather than teaching you. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome and times when we feel stuck. Partnering with a coach can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfillment.

Is Business Enjoyment Coaching For Me?

Reflect on your business right now, and score out of 10 how much you enjoy it, 0 being that you hate it and 10 being that you love running it. If you score 7 or below, this coaching will be extremely beneficial to you.

Andrew's Coaching Style: 
Calm, Compassionate, Holistic and Collaborative
Credible Coach has personally collected the feedback below.
The detailed case studies can be found further down the page. 

LinkedIn Testimonials:

Andrew has 21 testimonials on LinkedIn. 

Clients comment most on these areas:

• Understanding the root cause of their issues
• Getting unstuck in their business 
• Andrew being warm, friendly and having a good sense of humour
• That Andrew is a great listener 

All of these testimonials are from our online research and have not been personally verified by us. 

Clients most frequently comment on progress in these areas:

Reigniting their passion and start enjoying running their business 
Better productivity, time management and increased profitability of their business
Gain confidence in their pricing and overcome their pricing and growth fears 
Overcome a major setback or challenge in their business

Key Information:

*Data as of March 2022
Coaching Experience:

11 years
Estimated number of entrepreneurs coached:

Types of clients coached:
Business Owners/ CEOs, Freelancers/ Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives / Leaders, Professionals 
Run 50+ businesses of numerous sizes and sectors
Over 650 private coaching schools exist around the world, offering training in a variety of coaching methods. Some courses can be completed online in a few hours without any end assessment; others require hundreds of coaching hours and supervision. At the bottom on the page we've included a list of the professional bodies and coaching registers that exist to promote professional coaching standards globally.
The training Andrew received has been accredited by numerous credible and reputable coaching organisations such as the International Coach Federation and the Associate for Coaching. See the full list of bodies and coaching registers at the bottom of the page.

Who would work best with Andrew:

•  As an established business owner, you've achieved success, but have fallen out of love with your business and want to rekindle the passion that led you to start it in the first place.

• You own a business and know you have a barrier to reaching the next level, but you don't know what it is.

• Either you lack confidence in your pricing or you are afraid to charge what you're worth.

• You are facing a major business setback or challenge and need clarity to overcome it  

Who wouldn't work best with Andrew:

•  If you are only looking for someone to teach you how to start a business, Andrew's coaching is not the best place to start. You will benefit from this type of business coaching if you already own and operate a business and possess the skills necessary for running it and serving your customers. Andrew, as an experienced business owner, will be able to offer sound advice, but it will not be the focus of the coaching.

•  You are a student, retired person or unemployed. Although coaching can be used with people at all stages of life, we have not been able to locate any past clients in these demographics.

Public Speaking:

Our research also includes notable talks and recommendations from credible organisations. TEDx Talks are considered to be highly credible.  

In this talk, Andrew discusses the importance of business enjoyment as a key performance indicator.

TEDx follows the same format as a TED Talk. The main difference between TED and TEDx is that TEDx is focused on a local, geographic area. It is a local gathering where TED-like talks and presentations are shared with the community. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx.

Published Books:

•  More Than Just Money: An Introduction to the Business Enjoyment Model

• MLM Revisited: Fall Back In Love With Your Network Marketing Business

• Multiply Your Success: The Business Owner's Workbook for Wealth and Opportunity.

• The Successful Business Owner’s Guide to Reducing Stress: How to Avoid these 13 Common Pitfalls.

• Successful Startups: Get Going. Stay Going.

•Hope Won't Pay the Wages: How to Deal with the Personal Impact of a Struggling Business.

Podcasts: The Tingle Zone

In Andrew's podcast, he interviews entrepreneurs to learn about their personal journeys, how they've shaped what they do, and why they're passionate about it. 

Click Here To Listen

Case Studies  

These case studies have been personally collected by the Credible Coach team.
"As well as better time management and general enjoyment, I have increased my profit levels over to in the past couple of years by around 50%"
Click + to read Matthew's feedback
Matthew Riley, Founder at Fusion
What drew you to Andrew's services?
A recommendation from a client.

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Andrew?
My business was ticking over alright - but I found myself in a bit of a rut and wasn't really pushing or enjoying running my business; as I used to do.

What changed after working with Andrew?
Andrew helped me regain my business mojo! I'm back to loving every aspect of the business and managing my time more effectively.

What specific results can you share?
As well as better time management and general enjoyment, I have increased my profit levels over to in the past couple of years by around 50%.

What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Andrew's services?
Don't wait - if you stand still, you are already moving backwards!.
"I have recognised where many of my limiting beliefs stem from and how to control these"
Click + to read Abby's feedback
Abby Foreman, Founder of AF Nutrition
What drew you to Andrew's services?
Andrew came highly recommended from a colleague of mine, and then I successfully launched a programme after implementing Andrews advice following an introductory call with him. Then, a few months later I decided to invest in his services, I knew his approach was different to the generic business advice that's out there, and I really wanted someone who could help me break through my barriers!

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Andrew?
I didn't have a clear direction for my business and had many barriers holding me back!

What changed after working with Andrew?
I feel much more positive about the future of my business, I know what my values are and how they shape my approach to both my business, but also my life! Overall, I just feel much calmer and content with where I am. I'm breaking through my mental blocks, creating important boundaries and finally recognise my worth!

What specific results can you share?
In the past 4 months of working with Andrew I have recognised where many of my limiting beliefs stem from and how to control these which has helped me break through the blockers that have been holding me back. I'm now hosting weekly talks, selling workshops and programmes and growing my portfolio of private clients.

What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Andrew's services?
Andrew has given me so much clarity and has helped me recognise my self-worth which is transforming my approach to life, not just business. I would absolutely recommend Andrew to anyone who is stuck in their business - his services are truly personalised
"It will definitely have a positive impact on your life, whatever stage you are at with your business."
Click + to read Claires's feedback
Claire Marsden, Founder, Founder at Studio 37
What drew you to Andrew's services?
His approach to enjoying your business.

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Andrew?
Having the confidence to try new things. Also valuing your skills when it comes to pricing.

What changed after working with Andrew?
I have no problems quoting the right amount now, and I started an indoor plant business on the side when my main work (graphic design) disappeared.

What specific results can you share?
I have been running the plant business for almost a year now, and probably wouldn't have done so without the support of Andrew!

What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Andrew's services?
It will definitely have a positive impact on your life, whatever stage you are at with your business.
"Give it a try you've nothing to lose"
Click + to read Mark's feedback
Mark Fielding, Managing Director
What drew you to Andrew's services?
A recommendation from a friend.

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Andrew?
Putting too much pressure on myself.

What changed after working with Andrew?
I became aware that I did this.

What specific results can you share?
A general awareness of my characteristics, positive and negative have helped me to manage my business better and encourage our team to contribute and understand the bigger picture.

What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Andrew's services?
Give it a try you've nothing to lose.
Frequently Asked Questions
How is the research conducted?
We collect proof of coaches' training certificates/ credentials, conduct an online and background check, and probe deep into the areas where their past clients most likely reside to find their feedback too. We then personally gather feedback from past clients and do further research on those types of clients to discover who works best with the coach and what they are recommended for.

What's the goal of Credible Coach?
We want to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. It can be challenging to truly know which coaches provide quality work, operates ethically and with their clients best interest at heart. We'll only work with coaches who provide proof of their claims, which have been checked and verified by our team. We want to protect you and ensure you only work with coaches who stand out from the crowd by providing exceptional coaching experiences to their clients.  

Are coaches held accountable on Credible Coach?
Yes, this is why each coach has a link to our website, not a PDF report. As a result, we can continually ensure that coaches are held to a high standard and maintain a continuous feedback loop. If a complaint is received, we will investigate it immediately.

Why is Credible Coach independent?
It is our role to research and present our findings objectively.  We aren't affiliated with any particular coaching body or school. By doing so, we remain impartial.

Can i contact Credible Coach with and further questions? 
You can reach us at any time at

Professional Bodies and Coaching Registers

Association for Coaching
One of the leading professional bodies for coaches and organisations, with a purpose of inspiring and championing coaching excellence in a bid to advance the coaching profession and make a positive and lasting difference.

Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS)
The Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) is the professional body for executive coaching and for the supervision of executive coaches. The not-for-profit organisation aims to set high professional standards for executive coaching and requires members to adhere by its Code of Ethics and Conduct.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP Coaching)
BACP is one of the UK’s largest professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy. The Association is made up of a number of different membership categories, e.g. Associate Member, Member (MBACP), Accredited Member (MBACP Accred), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Accredited Members have achieved a substantial level of training and experience approved by the Association. All members are bound by a Code of Ethics & Practice and a Complaints Procedure.

European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) exists to promote, develop and set the expectation for good coaching and mentoring practice in the UK.

UK International Coach Federation (ICF)
The International Coach Federation is the professional association for personal and business coaches worldwide. Formed back in 1995 the Federation now has over 16,000 members and is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing certification and building a network of credentialed coaches.

International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M)
The IAPC&M is an internationally focused organisation run by professional coaches whose aim it is to build, maintain and raise awareness of the coaching practice.

UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
The UKCP exists to promote and maintain the profession of psychotherapy and the highest standards in the practice of psychotherapy throughout the United Kingdom. Registration with UKCP is obtained through one of their Member Organisations and each practitioner must maintain membership of a Member Organisation to maintain their UKCP Registration. They must adhere to approved Codes of Ethics and Practice and be accountable to UKCP Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

The Association for NLP (ANLP)
The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) is a UK Association for NLP Professionals. This organisation is a Community Interest Company, which means that they are recognised as a social enterprise which exists to enhance NLP and support the NLP community.

NLP Association of Excellence (NLPEA)
The NLP Association of Excellence (NLPEA) is a recognised accrediting body for Coaching and NLP. The key aims of the association are to provide ethical standards in the practice of NLP and coaching, and to protect and benefit the public through the registration of only qualified professionals.

International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)
International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) is an international association of NLP Trainers and Master Trainers who have agreed to abide by and uphold INLPTA's standards of quality, professionalism and ethics in their NLP training and in the conduct of their NLP business.
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