What is high-performance coaching?

High-performance coaching focuses on supporting, influencing and inspiring high-impact individuals who want to stretch their capabilities to receive the most gratification out of their life and work. Much like a regular business coach, this form of coaching helps clients identify goals and targets, with a high level of support to achieve their more challenging visions. However, a high-performance coach sees bigger possibilities and outcomes for its clients, allowing them to hit their full potential by challenging and motivating them through high targets.

The keyword here is Challenge!

This is the word that sets this apart from any other business or life coaching. There is a deeper drive, willingness to succeed and an elevated level of commitment to the training. They challenge clients to rise up to bigger, better, more ambitious goals again and again, and this creates an awesome upward cycle and momentum of consistent positive, powerful results. 

"The type of coaching isn't just about assisting clients in succeeding and achieving their goals, this is about pushing past what's possible and living the "impossible."

The approaches and techniques adopted within high-performance coaching borrow heavily from the professional training of sport and the military- worlds where optimal performance is key. The habits, tools and level of personal development are aspects that correlate to high-performance coaching, both delivering ability, success and consistency.

What is a High performer?

Who qualifies as a high performer and could you be one?

These are people that have excelled within their world's of profession, work and career. The very nature of their technical expertise and proficiency allows them to perform their role with mastery in both accuracy and speed.

However, it could be that they lack some critical skills such as teamwork. This is can be found in particular high performers who prefer doing tasks individually due to the lack of trust in others capabilities. Whilst the individual may view this as a speed breaker, for some this can be a roadblock in their progression to more senior roles.

A performance coach can implement processes to create a mindset shift to see that working within teams can be beneficial to the success of corporate projects.

Find more examples of how high-performance coaching can help you below.

When to use high performance coaching?

How often do you think you know what you want to achieve, but have cracks in both self-discipline and perseverance that hinder the success of fulfilling this?

High-performance coaching engages passionate people to employ the motivation behind their goals and targets to help defeat such blockers that are slowing down the progression of development. It is particularly useful for the following scenarios:

In business, however, there is less time to practice, improve, develop and refine such skills- so the need for coaches to assist in extracting the key areas for improvement and helping to apply reflections upon these to everyday practices is even greater, isn't it?

Benefits of High performance coaching.

#1 Increased time-management.

The hiring of a high-performance coach can improve time management by setting challenges and providing resources for the client to think about which can be applied to their work straight away. The clarification of goals and targets by breaking these down into challenges speeds up the process of nurturing these in everyday life to achieve their goals. Using the previous example of a leader lacking in team working skills, a high-performance coach's resources during their training can ensure that the leader performs these within their next working day.

#2 Increased efficiency.

The previous point enables greater efficiency within the business due to the development now no longer hindering the successes of the individual. Sticking with the example, the leader will now be able to work closer to and stronger with the rest of the team, ensuring that projects are of a higher quality. In turn, this leads to an increase in efficiency across the business.

#3 Customised approach.

There is a number of other pragmatic methods available for professionals and managers to choose from to better develop their career, business or personal life. Yet, they are not always applicable to the attributes of a high performer.  On the contrary, High-performance coaches steer away from a one size fits all approach, with a particular focus on fast-tracked tailored solutions for shorter-term developments.

#4 Increased staff morale and engagement.

For many employees, it is of particular importance to model themselves in a world whereby people want to watch them grow and develop. Providing a high-performance coach can significantly boost staff morale due to the employee feeling as though the business believes in them whilst listening to their needs of self-development. Extensive research shows that Millennials who receive high-performance coaching sessions are twice as likely to be more committed to their current company, staying with them for more than 5 years.

What to expect when hiring a High performance coach?

High-performance coaches can adopt various methods to approach their clients, differentiating each session due to the varying nature of the clientele.

Examples of such methods and tools are:

The Exponential Model

Whilst this is one example of tools high-performance coaches can use, there is a wide range of other successful programs such as the GROW model and the flow model which are also high-achieving processes.

What steps are taken to ensure full potential is achieved?

Below is a generic overview of the steps taken during a high-performance coaching programme.

Step 1: High-performance coaching sessions typically begin with finding out a person 'starting points'- their visions or ambitions for the future.

This step requires the high performer to be completely transparent, honest and straightforward about what they aim to get out of the session and how they view their future. Programs cannot be implemented without this openness.

Step 2: Once clarified and categorised into smaller and objective desires, the coach then moves on to explore the directions in which the coached client needs to move to achieve such visions and strive for their full potential.

This step entails a high level of listening to the coach to establish techniques and resources that will deliver the results that the person is looking for.

Step 3: These will then be turned into measurable challenges that the client will have to work towards in their day-to-day tasks.

What do high performance coaches expect in return?

As with all coaching, some expectations will be set ahead of the training to ensure that the client is maximising their time with the tools and resources shared by the coach.

For example:


No credible or high-value coach wants their client to switch off their brain and only act when commanded to. High-performance coaches rely on human perceptions and emotional responses to provide matter and context to the tools used during training. You are not a robot or machine, there is life that needs to be talked about in order to gain valuable feedback to help you believe your true potential.


As mentioned previously, a high level of transparency needs to be adopted. It is common for executives who are deemed high performing to try to impress their coach because of the power they feel their job status gives them. However, it needs to be repeated that the process is leading you to your outcomes, not the coaches and the coach does not form opinions about you. Honest accounts and feedback as to how you are responding to support strategies are key for development.


Whilst this may take a little time, trust is a necessary process so you gain confidence in the direction of your goals, turning your attention to the execution of the training provided by your coach. Trusting doesn't necessarily mean that the high-performance coach shouldn't be questioned on their coaching habits. Spirited enquires should be made about how your plan is implementing improvements.

Trust can however be tricky within the coaching industry due to the lack of regulations surrounding the certification of coaches and their creditability. For example, some coaches may promise success overnight making it hard to establish their intentions when immediate results are needed.

That is why here at Credible Coach we personally vet all coaches to ensure their testimonials and reviews are accurate increasing the trustworthiness. Click here to receive your free custom coach match.

How much does a high performance coach cost?

Typically, the price of high-performance coaching varies according to:

In the first instance of research into coaching, you should try and shift your mindset to viewing high performance coaching as an investment instead of an expense, to see the best return on investment.


Individual coaching prices start from £250 per hour session but many coaches provide a one off investment when can be up to £10,000.

Final comments.

A leading message throughout all of our articles is based upon the best practices of coaching and the advantages of hiring a good, credible coach. The unregulated nature of the industry creates difficulties in finding a trusting professional who can deliver organic performance.  We work to ensure that you hire the right and best coach for you by providing authentic client reviews and vetting coaches before they can have a profile with us. Once a relationship and profile is created with us we then continually update the testimonials and reviews. This is to ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date version of events and experiences, to give you a piece of mind when investing in coaching. We want to make sure that this service is accessible to everyone, so we're a completely free service to use and we also offer a free custom coach match.

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