Chris Wilson  

Life-changing profits for business owners taking you from trapped to freedom
Sales & Mindset
Clarity & Intention
High Performance
Eliminating Burnout


What are you doing to drive more revenue and profit to your business? Is it working? Is it enough?

Coaching either one on one, group or peer sessions, to keep you on track, helping with mindset, new methods and constantly testing and measuring.

Changes that take you from trapped, chained to the business and into a way of working that enables Life-Changing Profits. Leaving you time for relationships, fun, joy and yourself.

Imagine waking up on a Sunday, on holiday…. You can rest and enjoy the break. Why? You know that even whilst you are away, the leads are flowing, customers are delighted, clients come back for more, providing referrals, and profits are sustainable and where you want them to be.

Would welcome a one to one, and then we can see what transpires!

PS: I love Triathlons, and in particular, long ones. I have gone as far as IronMan and it is this meticulous planning and mindset that enables me to stick to a plan, with consistent focus, even when faced with an unprecedented challenge.


Enabled a business owner clear more than £60k of debt
Regular monthly group coaching associated with Sales & Mindset
Coached client turnover 2021 up to £2.5 million from £250,000
Various pivot strategies


ILM Level 7 for Executive and Senior Managers
Team Management Profiling
Facilitator Qualified
BA Hons Hospitality Business Management

Coaching style

High-Potential or Developmental


  • What drew you to Chris's services?
    I know Chris through networking but also his positive attitude and presence on social media.

    What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Chris?
    Making the right decisions.

    What changed after working with Chris?
    Chris has opened up my thought process at a crossroads in life and made me drill down and really think about what I want to do with my future.

    What specific results can you share?
    I had an idea of what I was going to do after selling a successful business but Chris helped me look at things in a very different way and it enabled me to focus on something different which actually Im much happier with.

    What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Chris's services?
    DO IT!!

    5* Yvonne Cookson- Founder

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