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The Credible Coach team have personally collected Lisa's testimonials. Lisa's former clients have praised her for helping them to shine bright and be their very best. One of the ways that she does this is by giving people clarity on what they want from a career, what their strengths are, as well as providing a tool kit to both boost self-confidence and to better handle challenges during work situations.

Lisa believes that growing our self-awareness, strengthening our self-efficacy, and operating in a flexible growth mindset, are key components in enabling us to be the best version of ourselves. This is her passion and what she supports her clients to achieve – finding and connecting with themselves, their strengths, and their purpose to drive greater success.

Lisa's clients have commended her authentic, honest, direct, no-nonsense style and appreciate her ability to empathise and offer her own perspective and experience, from working in the corporate world for over 15 years. Lisa can walk in your shoes more effectively because she's been there and understands your challenges.

Lisa sees herself as her clients' thinking partner – guiding and facilitating their success. Lisa's clients don’t need her to tell them what to do, because they already know the right answers, and the satisfaction and joy they gain from the coaching are realising this and completely owning, and being accountable, for their own success.


Qualified performance coach for 5 years
Over 15 years experience in leadership and management roles across large UK B2B brands
Coaching within organisations and directly with private clients across all management levels - junior/entry up to executive
Training lead, facilitator, and public speaker


Diploma in Executive & Corporate Coaching, The Coaching Academy (approved by ICF)
Practioner Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming, The Coaching Academy (approved by ANLP)
DISC Personality Profiling, The Coaching Academy

Coaching style



  • (1/4) What drew you to Lisa's services?

    What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Lisa?
    My biggest challenge was struggling with my current career direction and low self-esteem.

    What changed after working with Lisa?
    Working with Lisa gave me some great ways to understand and overcome, my current career direction dilemma and low self-esteem.

    What specific results can you share?
    We evaluated my previous roles and careers to identify what I liked and disliked and what skills and behaviours I had grown and developed. Then identifying what I would like out of my next role and where can this role be obtainable. Addressing then how I would look to apply for a potential role and what steps I could take to ensure success.

    What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Lisa's services?
    It has benefited me in my professional and personal life. It has provided me with a better understanding of myself and how I can overcome future problems that I may face in the next role or career and then being able to put in place what I was taught by Lisa, to ensure success.

    5* Scott Stewart
    February 2021

  • (2/4) What drew you to Lisa's services?
    Our company regularly holds forums for people managers (usually 3 x 1-day sessions per year). In one of these, they mentioned coaching, the benefits of it along the fact that the company would support these services if people wanted to use them. I was a little uncertain and may be sceptical about it as I’d not done anything like that before. I did however recognise that I was really busy at work to the point that on some days I didn’t feel I’d really achieved anything. I reached out to Lisa see what the coaching could offer and took it from there.

    What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Lisa?
    I was struggling to manage my time effectively (managing at the time 14 people directly). I also felt pressured with a variety of activities, deadlines etc and often felt it difficult to say no to others in the senior leadership team.

    What changed after working with Lisa?
    Through the coaching sessions (4 in total) I was able to get to the bottom of the issues. I likened it to peeling back layers from an onion, strange I know, but each session explored a little further into what made me function rather than just task-orientated prioritisation.

    What specific results can you share?
    Each session culminated with creating a small action plan to test and learn from some changes. It made me challenge existing ways of working and build confidence that I had the opportunity to create a change so I could be more effective. Following the coaching sessions, I was able to focus on some key goals and structure my time more effectively, I was confident in the delegation of the task along with challenging others but doing so with respect and honesty.

    What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Lisa's services?
    This was my first time at coaching and would explore this again. For anyone unsure I would say give it go, embrace the time to focus on yourself and using Lisa’s help to understand what you can do differently. It will feel strange trying to take a step back from the chaos of the day to day but the fact you’ve thought about coaching suggests it’s something that you would benefit from. Lisa is a very engaging individual who respects that you may not feel fully comfortable with the process at first but she asks some simple questions to help build the picture of the support you need. Ultimately it's down to you but Lisa can really help facilitate some deep learning to make a difference.

    5* Peter Kyle- Site Performance Lead at Lucozade Ribena Suntory
    February 2021

  • (3/4) What drew you to Lisa's services?
    Feeling a sense I needed to establish what my personal brand was to help me widen my network and find my next career move.

    What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Lisa?
    My own confidence and self-criticism

    What changed after working with Lisa?
    My confidence came back and I felt so much more focused and clear about what I needed to do and what career direction I wanted.

    What specific results can you share?
    I’m more career-focused and have been able to widen my network internally. I’ve been really open about my personal brand journey with Lisa and this has actually really helped me raise my profile.

    What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Lisa's services?
    It’s been the best career investment I’ve ever made and I got real value for the money I spent. I now look at Lisa as my personal career coach.

    5* Keeley Wise- Global HR Consultant at HSBC February 2021

  • (4/4) What drew you to Lisa's services?
    Lisa was running the My Coach Academy at the company we worked at together. I saw her do a presentation about the power of coaching one day and I was hooked. She has an incredible way of building instant rapport with people.

    What challenges did you have prior to working with Lisa?
    I wasn’t sure if coaching was right for me and if I had the magic to become a coach myself.

    What changes after working with Lisa?
    I am now halfway through my coaching accreditation and have coached lots of people in the process. She helped me to see that I can do anything I want to achieve, I just have to believe in myself.

    What specific results can you share?
    After one coaching session with Lisa, I had signed up with the coaching academy, built up a few clients and started working on the theoretical side of understanding coaching.

    What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Lisa's services?
    Lisa really helped me to see past all the negative self chat I had about not being “good enough” and encouraged me to give it a go. I would say try it and if it works for you then you have gained a lot, if it doesn’t you have only given up an hour of your time.

    5* Jola Brooking- HR Transformation Business Partner at Suntory

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