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Research Reports

Promote trust with prospects   
Through research and analysis, our report will clearly communicate to potential clients how you can help them, how you have helped others, your qualifications, style, and achievements in depth.  
Assurance of value   
To support clients through the due diligence process, we provide fact-based assurance about the value of the investment. By doing so, we can help to shorten the sales cycle for credible coaches too.
"The work of Credible Coach is no less than excellence! I applaud the due diligence conducted in ascertaining and verifying standards in quality assurance. This is conducted in a variety of ways from in depth interviews to gathering feedback from past and current clients and requesting proof of qualification status in the coaching field. It is quite clear that Credible Coach is alignment with both mission and vision when it comes to identifying and matching credible coaches to ambitious clients"
Nicole Fowles
EMCC Accredited Coach

Client feedback 

Your previous client journeys before and after the coaching. We provide detailed case studies with questions as well as headline snippets that are easy to consume. If the client wishes, their name, company, or profession can be kept anonymous.

Recommendation highlights 

We summarise the top four areas based on the feedback given.

Personality adjectives   

The adjectives your clients use when describing their coaching sessions with you, for example, comments about you being kind, humourous, warm, friendly, etc.

Your coaching style    

Your coaching style: We ask both you and your clients to describe your coaching style so that we can look for possible overlaps. Typically, we cover three  styles. These are direct, compassionate, motivational, calm, holistic, energetic and collaborative.

Who would/ wouldn't work best with you   

This is based on the types of clients you've worked with, the types of coaching you offer, as well as common mistakes people may make when looking for a coach. This could be mistaking coaching for purely skill-building. 

Your training and experience    

Your training and experience are clearly outlined, along with a list of all/any accrediting bodies.

Credible achievements   

Talks, publications, features, awards or mentions. 

Created content     

Books published, podcasts/ youtube channel.  
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How is client confidentiality maintained?
Since it is sensitive information for many, we offer all clients the option to remain anonymous if they wish, or just provide their company name and occupation. Upon learning this information and understanding how this will help their coach, we've noticed a high percentage of clients are happy to do so. All anonymous testimonials are stated as 'Verified Anonymous Client' in the report.
I already have some case studies, can i use them?
We'll need to verify current case studies, but we still recommend moving forward with new case studies. By getting a detailed account, we can create a clear before and after picture. We can't use your testimonials if they are only an endorsement to hire you, but don't provide the specifics about the journey.  
How long does the process take?
It typically takes two to three weeks before the final report is completed. It will largely depend on the speed at which we hear back from your clients, the number of past clients, and the depth of information that we have to verify.  
How do you establish the credibility of an award/ feature etc?
Typically, we'll look at what is required in order to attain it. A coach's features, awards, etc that have been bought don't contribute much to their ability to coach and therefore won't be included.
Where can i use my report?
It can be used as a promotional tool, for clients you are in the early stages of talks with, or for those conducting due diligence prior to or after their discovery call. The badges below are created with a link to the report so you can include it on your website as well. 
Can people access other coaches reports from mine?
No, this report is a stand alone page that only has external links to your social media channels, website and calendly/ booking tool. 
What if i get negative feedback?
It probably goes without saying that if you have a lot of unhappy clients, don't apply for a report. We will, however, investigate any negative feedback that we receive. The purpose of this is to determine whether it's subjective and just the clients preference or if it's unethical in nature. We will remove the report if it's the latter.
Where can i contact for any further questions?
You can email us at with any additional questions.  
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