Dan Warburton

Helping small UK law firms increase profits and free up their time 
What do we check?
Track record of success helping clients make powerful progress
Ethical practices in sales and marketing
Experience, qualifications and strong referrals
Committed to their own continued professional development

Important Information

Credible Coach provides data and insights into both personal and professional coaches and mentors. For potential clients, transparency is essential in making an informed decision about hiring a coach/ mentor. Credibility is established by examining a coach's past client success, their experience, commitment to their professional development, and the ethics of their sales and marketing techniques. The coaching industry is largely unregulated—anyone can call themselves a coach without prior experience or verified proof of results. To enhance transparency in the coaching industry, we vet coaches and post the results on a live Credible Coach webpage for additional authenticity. The Credible Coach contacts past clients directly, conducts online and background checks, and verifies coaching certificates..

How can Dan's coaching help me?

The one-on-one service Dan offers is perfect for small law firm owners based in the UK who want to significantly increase their take-home profits while working fewer hours but currently feel stuck, overworked, exhausted and like they don’t have a "life" outside of their work. Most traditional law firm owners believe that working fewer hours means sacrificing earning fulfilling profit margins, so likely you either don't want to take the risk of working less or you don’t know how to profitably delegate away your law firm's fee-earning work. With over 15 years of experience in guiding business and law firm owners to earn more while working less, Dan has gained specialised knowledge of pricing, sales strategies, marketing, delegation, internal communications and systems to ensure that small law firm owners get to create a business and lifestyle they truly love. . 

Key Information:

Specialist Area:
Enabling small UK law firm owners to dramatically increase profits while freeing up their time
No. of individuals coached:
Coached over 1000 individuals over a 15 year time frame
Types of clients coached:
Entrepreneurs, business owners and law firm owners and partners 

Clients most frequently comment on progress in these areas:

Increase in profits and sales
Increased confidence and enthusiasm for their business 
Break through mental barriers and limiting beliefs  
More leisure time and energy  / enjoyment for life

Insights with Dan Warburton 

Video 1: Overview of how Dan's coaching can be beneficial for law firm business owners.

Video 2: Insight into the financially successful work-life balance formula. 

Dan's coaching style: 
Motivational, Compassionate, Collaborative

Who would work best with Dan

Our research indicates that Dan's coaching would be most beneficial for:

1. You own a small law firm in the UK and you're starting to feel stuck in your business, you've been consistently working long hours and feel burnt out.

2. Your dream goal is to increase your profits while working less but you're unclear on how to achieve this. 

3. It seems likely that you will burn out soon if you continue working at your current rate. Both psychologically and physically, this is affecting you. 

4. You know you could be delegating away your workload but you're not sure how to do this and need tailored one-on-one support.

Who wouldn't work best with Dan

Our research indicates that Dan's coaching wouldn't be suited for:

1. Your business has been operating for less than one year and does not have predictable revenue.

2. You're not a business owner, founder or are not a law firm owner or partner.

3. You don't have 1 to 12 team members in your business.

4. You're not yet at the point where you want to work more on your business than in it. 


Case Studies and testimonials 

Credible Coach has personally collect/ verified the video testimonials and each case study. 

1. Linkedin Testimonials
2. Video Testimonials
3. Case Studies  

1. Linkedin Testimonials

LinkedIn Testimonials  
Dan has 6 testimonials on LinkedIn.

Clients comment most on these areas:

• Having a new perspective and a clear path ahead to take action on to grow their business. 
• Gaining their freedom back.
• Reducing overwhelm and self-doubt. 
• Getting out of their comfort zone to grow their business further. 

All of these testimonials are from our online research and have not been personally verified by us.

2. Video Testimonials

3. Case Studies 

Kim Nicol 
London based Lawyer & Senior Partner at Workplace Legal Solutions Ltd

Within 12 months went from being an unhealthy, overwhelmed London business lawyer to gaining an extra £192,041 revenue (a monthly average increase of 310%), dramatically increased her profits, delegated away most of her roles, now works less than 35 hours per week, has become fit and healthy and has a law firm she loves working on.

We asked Kim the following questions:

What drew you to Dan's services?
His story inspired me at a time when I was struggling to see the way ahead.

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Dan?
A lack of direction, commitment and enthusiasm for my business.

What changed after working with Dan?
I am now very focused and clear about where I am going and enjoying the journey.

What specific results can you share?
My income has increased as has my confidence and enthusiasm for work. I have taken on my first employee. Dan has challenged me to think bigger and play bigger.

What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Dan's services?
Dan works at your pace, is empathetic and extremely positive and supportive. He helps you see things from a more positive perspective and celebrates your successes as well as gently challenging any thoughts or assumptions that are holding you back..

Lana Sheppard
CEO of a Business Training Academy
Lana Sheppard (CEO of a Business Training Academy) within 9 months she sold her accountancy business for over £430,000, got to travel to exotic places around the world with her loving partner and now runs a highly profitable entrepreneur training business she loves.

We asked Lana the following questions:

What drew you to Dan's services?
I listened to Dan on a Facebook Interview - and knew he was the person that I resonated with, we had a short conversation and I knew I wanted to work with him.

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Dan?
I was stuck in life --- couldn't figure out what I truly wanted & how I was going to get out of the rut.

What changed after working with Dan?
By the time we were done, I had a plan! Total plan - and as I was working with him, things were already happening. One of the goals was to sell my brick/mortar business - this happened while I worked with Dan!

What specific results can you share?
Sold my business, started an online business, have had positive results in other areas of my life that I worked through with Dan.

What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Dan's services?
Stop thinking about it --- DO IT!!! It's so important to have a coach to walk your journey with you - and Dan most certainly has had lots of life experiences, which has made him very good to ask the right questions and move you forward.
Brynne TIllman
CEO at Social Sales Link 
Brynne Tilman, (CEO of Linkedin Social Sales Link) a mum and employer of 7, took back 60% of her time within just 6 weeks, as her staff began running her business then she successfully launched a new training program that now has over 130 participants.
We asked Brynne the following questions: 
What drew you to Dan's services?
I saw him speak and was blown away.

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Dan?
Needed to make changes in my business and was stuck.

What changed after working with Dan?
I had clarity in direction.

What specific results can you share?
I was able to get the right people in my company in the right seat and was able to launch a new solution that I had only been dreaming of.

What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Dan's services?
If you are ready to break through what is holding you back from accompanying your dreams, Dan is your person.


How is the research conducted?

First, we perform an online and background check, and then we probe deep into the areas where their past clients are to learn more about their experiences. We then personally collect feedback from past clients and do further research on the types of clients the coach works best with. In addition to interviewing past clients, we conduct in-depth interviews with each coach to understand their coaching experience, style, and depth of work with clients. 

What's the goal of Credible Coach?

We want to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. The industry has become more advanced in terms of sales and marketing, so it can be difficult to know who is providing quality work and who isn't. We'll only work with coaches who provide proof of their claims, which have been checked and verified by our team. We want to protect you and ensure you only work with coaches who stand out from the crowd by providing exceptional coaching experiences to their clients. 

Are coaches held accountable on Credible Coach?

Yes, this is why each coach has a link to our website, not a PDF report. As a result, we can continually ensure that coaches are held to a high standard and maintain a continuous feedback loop. If a complaint is received, we will investigate it immediately.

Why is Credible Coach independent?

It is our role to research and present our findings objectively. We aren't affiliated with any particular coaching body or school. By doing so, we remain impartial.

Can i contact Credible Coach with and further questions?

You can reach us at any time at info@crediblecoach.co.uk
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