How can your reports support my coaching practice?

How do i know which Credible Coach service i should get?

We will ask you a number of questions on the call and make suggestions from there. There are a number of factors, such as the type of coaching you do, the types of clients you work with to which service will be the most beneficial. We don't expect you to be clear on what that is yet, that's what we're here for.

How do you maintain client confidentiality?

We will need five to ten past client case studies for our due diligence process and to provide enough depth in your report. It is advisable to inform past clients that a due diligence service called Credible Coach is going to be contacting them for feedback; their feedback helps to provide better transparency in the industry which is unregulated and difficult to navigate for many that are new to coaching.

We've noticed over the past year that most clients are glad to provide feedback once they understand the deeper meaning behind why we do what we do. However, we allow clients to remain anonymous if they wish.

That includes not including their name, profession, company or picture. Feedback is collected either by video or written, depending on the client's preferences. It will be marked as 'anonymity requested'. Upon receiving their feedback, we delete their data. 

How can I use my report?

You can include it in many ways, ideally in all your online presence, social media, email signature, and every contact point with prospects. Different badges and personalised clickable images are available for different channels. Once we know more about you, we will tailor it. Ideally, you should start your efforts where prospects are most likely to drop out. .

What’s included in the vetting process?

We will first have a call to ask you some more questions (this isn't an interrogation, we’re a friendly bunch!). We'll then contact your past clients and conduct our own online/ background check too.   

However, before applying please make sure you have the following:

- Qualified with a minimum of 100 coaching hours
- A pre-existing professional practice
- Strong client and community referrals
- A track record of success helping clients make powerful progress
- You're genuinely passionate about helping your clients succeed
- Commitment to continuous learning and development (the best coaches are always learning and developing!))

If i share my report, is there a risk they will see other coaches?

You cannot click back to our website or any other coach report from your report.  

What's the difference between Credible Coach and the other coach/ review platforms?

This is not a review platform that simply solicits recommendations, our approach is specific to your needs and focused on your industry.
By asking a number of questions about their journey, we can ensure the depth and breadth of the feedback. Each review page or report looks different because we take into account many factors. We offer a variety of formats, packages, and insights to reflect your business needs. 

We're also not a coaching platform that pay coaches directly for the sessions they complete. The price will be much less than what you're likely to charge in your coaching practice.  

The mission of Credible Coach is quite different.

Our focus is on credibility and authority, which then shows the value of coaching and justifies the cost for those who might still be on the fence. In addition to your own marketing, we have created a number of badges and images for you to use. Our goal is to make your value clear, and for prospects to know they're in good hands. 

Is it not possible to just use LinkedIn recommendations?

What's the cost?

As a ballpark, our packages range from £400-£2000. Our estimate will be highly influenced by the stage you are in business, your goals, the number of assets you wish to have created, and the time required for that. We'll be glad to provide you with a quote over the phone when we understand these variables better.
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The extra ways we help your prospects to your value..

Credible Coach badges to use on your marketing

Click the badge to the directed to your report 

Custom images when you share your report link on social media

Share trusted anonymous client feedback.

Why join Credible Coach?
You want a third party to clearly articulate the value of your coaching.
You want to be positioned in the market as the Credible Coach that you are.
You want to make the vetting process easier.
You want your anonymous case studies to be trusted.
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