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With little to no barriers to entry in the coaching industry, and not all being proven or credible coaches, we clearly showcase your experience and client successes to an audience that is desiring this. We do this through featuring your success stories that provide instant credibility for coaches and clients alike. We want you to shine -- to be seen as the credible coach you are … we want them to know you get results!

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Testimonials are an important piece of content to create sales (and not just here for authenticity). 95% of clients take into consideration testimonials before making a purchase. We ensure that every testimonial is of high quality and talks about your client’s transformation in breadth and depth.

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Too many coaches suffer from low testimonial rates. Based on our conversations with coaches (and our own experience), we’ve found that a significant problem is that many clients aren't willing to provide on-the-record testimonials, even of glowing praise. This is where we come in. We verify anonymous testimonials so they’re trusted to the same extent as public ones. We’ve also noticed 90% response rates since offering this option too.
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