7 Simple But Powerful Productivity Tips

by Tom Hatton

7 Simple But Powerful Productivity Tips

Here is a list of things to consider whilst trying to maximise your productivity. I’ve listed 7 habits/insights to start using right away, these have elevated my life massively in the last few years and have unlocked buckets of potential in my clients!

1. Clean Environment: Organise prior to starting your project, this will avoid the urge to spend time tidying up.

2. Creative Hours/Days: Set time in your calendar for creativity to flow, allowing your brain to drop into an ALPHA state.

3. Choose Your Peer Group Wisely: Our bodies mirror neurons model behaviour on the dominant characters within our lives, and emotional contagion theory states that we pick up on the emotions of the people who are around us – choose wisely!

4. Think Minimalism: The secret to genius is not complexity, its simplicity. Our brains are designed and work best handling one task at a time!

5. NO TO-DO LISTS: The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities- and this can best be done in the context of a week. Lengthy to-do lists endorse anxiety by putting us into a state of worry/fear of not being able to achieve all that needs doing!

6. Pareto Principle: 80% of results come from 20% of the things we do. Stop. Reflect. What are the handful of tasks that are getting you most of the results?

7. Morning Routines: Use the early hours of the morning to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Create an empowering morning routine which will kick start your day using the principles of momentum! Meditation and cold showers are two that I use every morning…

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